Switch Improvements

Fracture Resistant Modules

Fracture Resistant ModulesThe pictures to the left shows a crack in a module housing caused by over tightening a module mounting bolt. This crack can progress into a  fracture as shown in the next picture.  A module with a fractured flange is insecurely mounted and could cause a failure. The picture to the above right shows how fracture resistance is improved by contouring the module housing around the bolt hole.

Mitsubishi™ Vacuum Interrupter

Mitsubishi™ Vacuum InterrupterThe Vacuum Electric Switch Co. uses  Mitsubishi™ vacuum  interrupters to build its vacuum interrupter modules.  Mitsubishi’s™ vacuum interrupter failure rate is less than three vacuum interrupters per 100,000 vacuum interrupters per 100,000 hours of operation.