Vesco, LLC was originally founded as Vacuum Electric Switch Co. Our company specializes in new and replacement vacuum switchgear, controls, and field services of existing Vesco and Joslyn Hi-Voltage and other electrical utility equipment.

Vacuum Electric Switch Co. was founded in 1996 by former Joslyn Hi-Voltage engineer Cecil R. Wristen. While at Joslyn, Cecil trained under one of the original innovators of high-voltage vacuum interrupting technology, accomplished electrical engineer Elmer L. Luehring. During this time, he was able to leverage both his strong technical acumen and product knowledge to identify several potential design improvements to the original products. Looking to implement these enhancements, Cecil ventured out on his own starting Vacuum Electric Switch Co.

The initial offerings focused on replacement parts and refurbishment services of Joslyn VBM and VBU products. Shortly after in the early 2000’s, new vacuum switches sold under the trademarked VES-M and VES-U designations were launched, incorporating the many improvements identified over the original designs, providing superior products to customers.

The product developments did not end there, and new electronic control designs were added to the product lineup in 2004. Several of these products were so innovative that U.S Patents, several of which are still in force today, were secured for the designs. Innovation continues to be a major driver within the organization today, with many new products being released yearly.

In 2021, the company was acquired from Cecil Wristen by several former Joslyn Hi-Voltage executives and technical staff, and now operates as Vesco, LLC. Following the long-standing tradition of continuous improvement, innovation, and customer service, Vesco is excited to continue to provide exceptional product offerings to the marketplace.

We provide ongoing service, maintenance, support, and training.
Please call or email, as we are always glad to help! (330) 374-5156 or sales@vesco.com.

Vesco, LLC is not endorsed or associated with the Joslyn Hi-Voltage or Joslyn Holding Co., a subsidiary of ABB.