Three Switch Control

Control Type Control Voltage Control Part No.
Zero  Voltage 48VDC 1003365G1
Zero Voltage 120VAC 1003177G1
Zero Voltage 125VDC 1003177G2
Zero Voltage 220VAC 1003177G3
Conventional 48VDC 1003365G2
Conventional 120VAC 1003369G1
Conventional 125VDC 1003278G1
Conventional 220VAC 1003369G2

The three switch control shown can operate a three phase set of any single pole solenoid operated switch shown in the VES Co. catalog except the VBU™ switch.  It can be either a zero voltage or a regular control depending on the firmware installed.  The three switches will achieve simultaneous contact closure within 2 milliseconds with minimal adjustment effort.  The use of this control will substantially reduce the effort required to adjust switches for simultaneous operation when operated on 125VDC.  When this control is used for zero voltage closing, sense leads are run out to the deenergized switches to measure their closing times.  A laptop computer with a special program is connected to the control and is used to measure the closing time and to set the calibration.

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