Service Parts Kit for VBM™ VBT™ Switches

This kit was originally designed to meet the Vacuum Electric Switch’s service technician’s parts needs when performing service in a foreign country.  One of these parts kits could be shipped ahead of the technician’s arrival, and the technician could be confident that it contained every part that could be conceivably required except vacuum interrupter modules.  Companies doing their own service work may find purchasing this kit to be more convenient than ordering parts individually.  The kit can be restocked as parts are consumed.

The service parts kit shown to the left is more than enough parts to service an arc furnace with a total of twelve switches.  The difference between the 15kV and 34kV kits are the length of the pull rods supplied.  The parts are grouped in individually numbered boxes.  The entire kit is itemized in a spread sheet and indexed by description, part number, and its numbered box.  The kit is packaged in a Pelican Storm™ case for convenient shipment and storage.  An itemized list of the parts in the kit is available on request.

Description Part No.
Field service parts kit for Joslyn™* VBT™* 15kV switches used for arc furnace switching 1003182G1
Field service parts kit for Joslyn™* VBT™* 34kV switches used for arc furnace switching 1003182G2

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