Switch Replacement Parts

Six Digit Counter & Position indicator/Five Digit Counter

The three different types of counters which have been used in manufacturing  the VBM™ switch include a counter attached to the manual operating  handle cover, the internal five digit counter, and the externally visible six digit counter. The five and six digit counters are shown above. The handle cover counter is not available.


Five-Digit to Six-Digit Position Indicator Counter Conversion

During switch overhauls at the Vacuum Electric Switch Co.™ old switches without externally visible counters are modified to use the new externally visible six digit counter with a position indicator.  This upgrade makes it easier to track switch operations for purposes of scheduling  maintenance. The modification can only be done in the shop because it requires welding in a boss and re-machining the switch  mechanism casting.  The window for the new counter and position indicator is sometimes located where the existing name plate is located.  In this instance the Vacuum Electric Switch Co. also replaces the old  name plate with a new name plate having the old serial number.

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