Switch Accessory Cables

Joslyn™ Cable

Number of Pins Length IndoorPart No. OutdoorPart No.
15 20 1000415G1 1000576G1
15 25 1000415G4 1000576G4
15 30 1000415G2 1000576G2
35 20 1004504G1 1002156G1
35 25 1004504G2 1002156G2
35 30 1004504G3 1002156G3

The above cable is for use with a Joslyn™ switch control.  The outdoor cable has a cable drip angle. It has either a 15 or 35 pin connector on one end and loose wires on the other for connecting to a terminal strip.

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Vacuum Electric Switch Cable

Number of Pins Length ft. Part No.
15 15 1000775G8
15 20 1000775G2
15 30 1000775G3
15 35 1000775G4
15 40 1000775G5

The above cable has on one end a 15 pin connector for connecting to a Joslyn™ switch.  The opposite end has a connector for connecting to a Vacuum Electric Switch control.